Best Inversion Therapist:Teeter EP 550 InversionTable

Teeter Ep 5500 Inversion Table

The Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table is a first class inversion therapy product. This best sport inversion therapy table is named #1 for strength, longevity, and weight load capacity. It is no wonder that most users report that it works better than imagined for back pain,stress,sleep issues. Inversion therapy is a natural at home solution for a healthier life.

TheĀ Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table Sport has Teeter Gravity Boots and the EZ Stretch Traction Handles for an enhanced inversion workout. It has superior design and engineering. Not only is it medical grade,but it has a 5 yr warranty.


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Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table

  • Easy assembly if you follow instructions
  • Easy storage function.
  • Gravity Boots make inverting more comfortable.
  • Say goodbye to Chiropractor visits.
  • Some users have avoided back surgery.
  • Relax tight muscles.
  • Help instructional DVD.
  • Relieves back and neck pain.
  • Get a peaceful relaxed pm of sleep.
  • Rejuvenates joint flexibility and range of movement.

The “sport” option is the best available with all the bells and whistles. It is sturdy enough to last a long lifetime. And lets face it who wants to fall on their head because the support is not strong ehough. Users of the Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table report complete confidence in the support structure.

The unit breaks down into two parts by lifting the table off the frame by simply sliding 2 spring loaded retainer clips with your fingers. The table is about 32 pounds and the base 28 pounds for a total weight of 60 pounds. It is a bit cumbersome as well as heavy to move as one unit. But once you have it stationary there is probably no reason to move it.

As far as the negative,if you weigh less than 100 lb, you might have a difficult time going into full inversion, since there is a lot of weight at the bottom. But using the gravity boots helps a lot. Also keep in mind,it is advisable to go slowly into the inversions regardless of your weight. Also work up to longer inversions. Some users report naseau after initial few weeks. Customer service will tell you to ease up some as your inner ear needs time to adjust.

Do your homework on inversion therapy structures. You will probably find that the Teeter Ep 550 Inversion Table is not only exceptional quality but is the best-selling, most popular inversion tables on the market today. Get yours today! Sure will come in handy after your TRX System Workout.

Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table is a must have for anyone with back issues,neck issues, scoliosis,sleep problems,anxiety. Good bye Chiropractors,Massage therapist,Shrinks. Hello lightness,peace,flexibility,range of motion.

==>Order Teeter EP 550 Inversion Table Now<==